Introducing News Feeds (also known as RSS feeds)

News feeds are an easy way to see when a website has added new content. You can get notified of new content, when it is published, without having to visit the website to check for updates.

Our website provides feeds for both the desktop and mobile versions.

How do I start using News Feeds?

To get started you need a news feed reader. Each one is different and they change over time so you should view the help file for the News Feed service you are using. The most common ones are described below.

Web Browser RSS readers

Browsers handle RSS feeds either through their own built in News Feed reader or through extensions available in their stores. Use these to get notifications of updated content to this site straight to your browser.

RSS aggregators Websites and Apps

Some websites and Apps specialise in aggregating RSS feeds to give you a one stop shop for getting all your notifications from multiple sites. They allow you to manage RSS feeds from multiple sites across your many devices (for example; desktop, mobile and tablet).

Some email software also have in-built News Feed readers which allow you to add RSS feeds to get notifications.

How do I subscribe to News Feeds?

Most pages on this site have a News Feed service. You can just add the url of the page to your News Reader service.